In college I was almost an art major, almost a sociology major, and just this-close to a degree in media studies. After finally convincing the curriculum committee to let me create my own major, I arrived at Sustainable Design in Society.

            And that is about what I aim to do. I love stuff. I have piles of tools and doo-dads for making this and that stored in enough nooks and crannies of my parents’ house to make their faces red. However, I also loathe things-I am often deeply upset by the amount of things in the world not worth saving that people none the less find reason to buy. So my goal is to understand the sociological aspects of consumerism, and constantly better my design skills in order to create work that is attractive, yet also has a clearly defined function and well thought out life cycle.

           When not scratching my head over design, I make photographs and video about the places and people I most admire and find interesting. I can often be found spending a healthy amount of time in the surf, or on my bike pedaling towards an imaginary and elusive sweat infused Shangri-La.

I appreciate your interest in my work, and hope you’ll pedal with me.